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I have also attached my PSD which has a problem with the responsive output which doesnt work. The images stack incorrectly in a random order

Also it freezes on the text layer - (I made it a raster layer just to try).

I have emailed the psd.

Asked by poashap
Added March 3, 2015 3:50 pm

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Invalid Text Element

Regarding your PSD, we are not sure how you created the text but we have a screen shot to illustrate our findings:

Your current text layers seem to be imported from another program. When we created a new text layer with the same font and information, it came out correct.

You can tell if your text layer is a full Photoshop layer by looking at the paragraph, if the justification does not “light up” or enable - then its an invalid text layer.
Note: always remember – if the Export Stops… You Stop… and check the layer the Export stopped on!  Use Guides and Layers views to look at the layer.  If something seems wrong, correct it!


Draw a new text layer following our text layer guide lines.

Missing Responsive Elements

With Responsive designs you need to have the same layers in each screen (this is a CSS rule).

Responsive layouts will change the elements based on their screen size, so if you have elements in only one screen – CSS will not know what to do when another screen size is rendered. Resources: Convert A PSD to Responsive HTML and CSS

Specific Solution:

Change the name of the folder to match the default screen (or vice versa).

Answer by admin
Answered On March 3, 2015 3:56 pm #
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