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How to use "FixMe" and "Warning" to improve my exporting output. Is there anyway I can debug what have I done wrong?

Basically, we did 4 different sizes (in pixel):

320 x 480
480 x 800
540 x 960
1280 x 720

We set the folder as followed.

${css|screen:160} 320 mdpi
${css|screen:160} 480 mdpi
${css|screen:default} 540
${css|screen:320} p720 xhdpi / 1280 xhdpi

I know one of them has to be as "default". Do you have to choose which one or it has to be the top one? We're still getting result:

- Invalid file name: must contain only [a-z0-9_.]
- Resource entry XXXX is already defined.
- No resource found that matches the given name (at 'src' with value '@drawable/XXXX')


Added June 22, 2015 6:44 pm

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Hi Bachi,

Debugging Tips

We strongly suggest you read our Optimization Tips as they cover many common user cases which may cause unwanted display errors.

"Invalid file name" Error:

${css|screen:320} p720 xhdpi / 1280 xhdpi = CORRECT
${css|screen:160} mdpi 320 = CORRECT
${css|screen:default} 540 = WRONG
${css|screen:160} 320 mdpi = WRONG

The screen names you used contain Numbers [0-9] to start with, eg. 320 mdpi. All layers should always start with a letter [a-z] No environment supports [0-9] (numbers) as a name, you must use strings – which is the reason for your error.

Also try to use (p) = portrait or (l) = landscape in the screen name eg. p320 mdpi.

"Resource entry XXXXX is already defined." Error:

This is because you used the same layer name with more than one item - so its already defined in the environment, refer to our layer naming rules. Correct your layer names and re-try the export.

Additionally, because the layer names are not correct, other items will reference incorrect assets - causing the last error you received "No resource found that matches the given name..."


1. //
2. //

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