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How to Decode

This is an easy fix, take a look at Char Tag, this will show you how to create a PHP decoder to convert your text characters to your native language with your HTML output.

Char Tag: //exportkit.com/plugin/layer-tags/basic-layer-tags/char-tag

Why Encoded?

Export Kit is a web based platform running within Photoshop. Our previous v127 version used Adobe Air which had better options for encoding files when saving. The current CEP version used with Adobe does not have the required libraries to correctly encode files beyond your native Photoshop language settings.

EXAMPLE: If you live in Mexico your Photoshop language may be Spanish, but you have a client in Japan - we cannot override your text encoding settings to render the correct characters.
SOLUTION: URL encode the text - we are looking into ways of correcting this.
Added January 22, 2016 3:33 pm

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