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When I publish the export, it always seems to stop on a single layer. I get a few skins, but the .html file doesn't export

What can I do to fix this?


Asked by humblechoa
Added June 20, 2014 6:51 pm

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Your PSD issue relates to: Why Don't I See The Output Files?. You have 1 or more empty layers in the PSD which will cause Export Kit to cancel the output.


Remove all empty layers (including empty folders) and re-export, or add content to the layers. Make sure you check each CSS screen if the folder was copied and re-named, as you may have empty layers in each screen type.


If you notice the export stops on a particular layer, there is most likely an issue with that layer only – so take a deeper look into the content or the layer name if the export breaks while processing.

Answer by admin
Answered On June 20, 2014 7:25 pm #
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Asked by humblechoa
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