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I have a few questions before buying.


1)Would your software convert the psd to inline css for email designs?

2)Can your software convert to bootstrap designs.

3)Can your software export the psd into responsive designs.

4)Which version of photoshop is needed? Would the online cloud version work?

5)When we export content that needs to be placed into tables, how will your software knows that the specific area is a table?

6)Can the PSD be exported as wordpress themes?

7)Being a PHP developer myself, is it possible to place queries or php outputs into photoshop itself and have them showing in the converted files? If yes will the file structures be kept as is? ie: I need to drop in my public_html/private/config.php file in the header of each file, will this path stays intact upon conversion?

8)Can the designs be exported into mobile compatible designs?

Your software would be absolutely amazing if the above was possible:-)


Thank you,





Asked by benoit
Added March 15, 2017 5:34 pm

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These are great questions and yes all are supported, here are the links to the relevant tutorials.

1) Responsive Email Templates


2) Bootstrap Support


3) Responsive Websites


4) Lightning Storm supports Photoshop, InDesign or Illustrator versions CS6 – CC2017

5) Tables

Tables are referenced by you with layer tags, you simply add the tag to a folder with the props you want and you can create any native HTML element, eg. Table, Canvas, Section, etc. Look at the Responsive Email tutorial for an example or check out Class Tag:


6) 100% WordPress support

Ensure you read our tutorials to understand how to create your native content such as template pages, loops, native WP method calls, etc. We support EVERYTHING in WordPress so learn then apply, also take a look at our WP PSD template file.


7) Custom PHP is supported 100%

You can add custom queries or make normal PHP calls directly inside your PSD. Example, you can create a folder container then add your custom PHP code to load an image from the server into the container – and a lot more. Check out Code Tag:


8) Mobile is supported via Responsive HTML, or you can export a native Android and iOS app - as long as you design it, Lightning Storm will export it!

Wow that was a lot to say… but that’s only the beginning!  The plugin can do A LOT MORE:

(a) Multiple pages

(b) Advanced css styles, skins and themes

(c) Advanced script integration

A lot more beyond this also! Start your Free Online Training: //exportkit.com/training

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Answered On March 15, 2017 9:20 pm #
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