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For some reason the content of my webpage disappears when I try to make it responsive. The header remains but everything else is gone. Is there a common reason why this would happen?

Added July 24, 2015 4:30 pm

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There are a few possible reasons for this (without looking at your PSD), always remember that Industry Rules apply:

Missing Target Screen

You did not include a target screen for that size – this is common where if you did not include an actual target screen matching the size of your display, elements may have incorrect properties (size, position, effects, etc).

Read more about Creating Responsive Screens.

Incorrect Layer Order

Your background layer is not in the correct order – responsive designs use Dynamic Height which requires layers to be in the correct order, otherwise you can have situations where your solid background is the only visible element.

Read more about Organizing Layers and Folders.

Invalid Screen Elements

You did not add all elements to each screen – based on your question this may also be a cause as CSS has special rendering rules for responsive designs (these rules are similar in Android - but not the same). CSS requires all elements to be reference on each target screen, otherwise it will use the last available information. Elements must also have the same name/class across each target screen.

Read more about Placing Responsive Elements.
Read more about Maintaining Responsive Layer Names.

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