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Upon the conversion of an .AI-file into a .JSON-file, some elements (such as text) are not positioned correctly in the according X- and Y-axis.

We also noticed that colors, font sizes and the body are not always correctly applied from the template.


According to our developer, the problem seems to be caused by the export or the conversion of the export kit.


Enclosed you can see the specified .JSON- and .SVG-file that has this error.

(link hidden)

You can also see some screenshots in the enclosure - "Protokoll-1.jpg" is our template, "Protokoll-2.jpg" are the SVG-render settings, "Protokoll-3.jpg"  is the Export configuration and "Protokoll-4.jpg" is the outcome of the picture (as you can see, the two text panels were not positioned correctly.


Can you tell us how we can avoid this mistake or do you have any other suggestions to how we can correct this?

Please make sure to answer our question as fast as possible since we are working with the export kit regularly.


Thank you in advance and kind regards

Added January 22, 2018 3:56 pm

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Based on your screenshot it seems you have a folder/layer and a pageItem with the same name. Always remember to use unique names with your items otherwise the CSS may have errors referencing elements.


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