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i'm really loving the export kit for photoshop, it's made so many processes ridiculously fast, and simple to complete. I've been learning the tags as i go along, and I've been wondering how to create a custom login screen for Android UI.

I have 2 boxes, login username and password. and then a "Sign in with" facebook/google+ - i'm wondering if there are tags i can add to start a lot of this process, for example... user will select the facebook section in the interface and it'd direct them to FB and use that account to log in (and save settings) it's a lot, but wanted to see if the export kit can take care of a large portion of this coding for me?

thanks in advanced.

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Great information, this helps a lot! Appreciate the quick response, i was 90% there

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This is easy to do actually. There are a few things to consider before you begin. You should note that all Widgets in Android use Class Tag to render the elements. You also should note that you should draw your Layers to match the default element size (Android Rule).

Android Widgets


Class Tag


Step 1

Create your login elements such as (a) username/password text fields, and (b) login button within your design.

Step 2

Add Class Tags to your text fields to create EditText, for the pass word you may want to additionally add an input type such as android:inputType = ”textPassword”.

Eg: ${class|EditText:android:inputType="textPassword"}

Step 3

Add Class Tag to your login button to create a Button element, you will need to add additional args to add your click event such as android:onClick = ”login”.

Eg: ${class|Button:android:android:onClick="login"}

Step 4

In your Java Activity, create a login method to handle the onClick event such as

public void login(View view){
   if(username.getText().toString().equals("User") && password.getText().toString().equals("Pass")){

Step 5

That’s it!

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Answered On December 1, 2016 3:43 pm #
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