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Now at least I could manage something and the elements are showing. But I'd like to make a gallery function and the google maps. It's really difficult for me to understand how it works. I've checked but it's not specific and I'd like some help. Also the site isn't properly centered, it appears on the left like an image.

The site, how it's shown once I export it. How do I center it?. Also the texts show double letters in different words... I don't understand this.

Help with the gallery thing, Jquery/Javascript. Which one is better to use?. Also it says in the tutorial I must put for the Javascript:




Which one I must use and how?, it says to put it on the layers I want to use as a gallery but I don't get it at all. It says to put the name of the layer, but how's this connected to the gallery section and how I make it work like a gallery? (I want to do a lightbox thing for each one, you click on the image you want and it becomes bigger). Must I put the images on the photoshop and name it with the custom_gallery?.

Now for google maps, I tried to understand but it's not clear for me. How does it work?, in which layer do you put the code and how can you make it to make it show?. It's also JQuery/Javascript?. I put the code ${skip} google map image and googlemap for the object under the image of google map. But I don't understand how it's done, I tried to export but nothing was working and when I export with html5 it's not showing. Here I put the image of what happens.

I'd like some help with that because I seriously don't understand why it's not working and all. The image above are the contact page and the footer, even the facebook icon is not showing, I punt the link code there and it's not working at all.

Thanks in advance.

Asked by Sara12
Added July 27, 2017 11:40 am

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We will answer your questions in sequence, for the official javascript gallery and google maps tutorials you can check these links:

> Javascript/JQuery Gallery
> Add Google Maps

1. Center Website

> Align output and Hide overflow

2. Double Letters in Text

Can you add a screenshot example of this.

3. Gallery Details

Your PSD layer names must match the elements your gallery script is looking for. Eg, if your script is looking for a div with the ID ”image_gallery”, then your layer/folder name must be ”image_gallery”.

4. Google Map Details

Google maps will ONLY WORK ONLINE, you must load the files on your web or local server and use HTTP to access the website and test.

5. Layers not showing

Based on what you described, this may be a layer order issue where your background layer is above your content – giving a similar error as you described. The quick solution is to ensure your layers are correctly organized.

> Organize folders and layers

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Answered On July 30, 2017 5:51 am #
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