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Hi Guys,

I am a user of ExportKit Lightning Storm Beta V17.0216,05. I subscribed for Ps plugin and my tool was doing fine until after making an additional subscription for Android UI. All other plugins have disappeared except Android UI.

Is this what is expected? How can I get Version 127? I there a way to unsubscribe?


See below the chronological events for details.

First Subscription


I was looking for V127 mentioned in below video and after checking through documentation and videos I was persuaded that below product would be the right one of UI Elements as described on below video caption. So I subscribed.


Additional subscription on 7th


UI-Element mentioned in minute 3:28 on YouTube


My problem is after activating above product, I did not get the UI-Element Builder and all other add-ons are gone expect android -UI. Is this what is expected?


Current i only have access to Android UI and no UI-Element builder.


Added July 10, 2017 6:57 pm

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We can explain. You asked a few different questions so we will answer each in sequence.

Features Disappeared

This is normal. You are currently a Buyout customer with lifetime usage of your product. With Buyout, all products must be purchased independently. Android UI Output has all the features required for creating multi-screen/device apps.

Buyout Products | Android UI Tutorial

Buyout vs. Subscription

Your Buyout product *never expires* and gives you free updates for life with full access to PSD, AI and INDD. Subscriptions are fairly new and may change in the near future – buyout products are never affected.

Looking for v127

V127 is a legacy version for CS6 only, and was discontinued in 2015. All v127 features are included in the newer v128, some feature may be slightly different.

UI Elements/Builder

These products are both available. UI Builder is located in your [Tools Panel]. You will need to install the default [ftml-data] to enable the UI Builder and Virtual Scripts.

To enable UI Elements you can use [Keep PSD Assets], this will generate asset files for each folder in your document.

UI Elements Update: Dev is adding additional features to re-enable UI Elements in its original state with advanced options.  This is coming Winter 2017.
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