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I used this for to support multiple screen support in android . it fails to follow the best practices suggested by android . My PSD size is 1080*2276 px. When ever i applied the desired filtrations like Android UI,minimum ,Maximum,Orientation. It produces the code no doubt in that,it mentioned the dimensions in terms of DPI. But did not convert them. What i mean to say it took what ever the pixel size .

Example 360px taken as 360dp .but it should not be llike that !!

Asked by trinadh
Added September 12, 2016 1:58 pm

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You are correct, DPI and Pixels are not the same. We calculate screens and resolutions very differently for Android so we suggest you read our guidelines: //

When creating responsive screens for multiple devices with Android you have to consider that 800px in your design will convert to 2560xhdpi, please read our guide for working with Android devices and screens: //

If you have used previous versions of Export Kit then the settings have changed.  We previously defaulted Android to create a Multi-Screen, Multi-Activity output, but we found in the logs that users mainly create a single activity/screen with Android and iOS - so we changed the defaults to this.

You must manually enable Responsive CSS and Page Tags in your Output Options – this will render your code with target device screens and multiple activities – most likely what you are looking for: //

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