Export Kit Pro Output Options


Export Kit output options provide extended functionality to the Export Process during exports.

Inline Code

Inline Code/Content is phase one of the Export Kit [Build Pattern System]. Inline content allows you to choose between two Build Patterns per environment (additional to come). Build Patterns will functionally remain the same, but […]


Minify will compress your code output to render a smaller file size of your original code. In modern websites, minification is almost mandatory to increase load speeds and lower download times of files. Layer Kit […]

Hide Overflow

Hide Overflow allows you to render your output content as seen the design, or fill the user screen. This is good when outputs with a full or fixed width are required. Export Kit Pro Output […]

Enable Page Tags

Page Tage allow you create multiple output files from a single Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign file. This makes it simple to create full projects with all assets included. Learn more about using Page Tags and […]

Responsive CSS and Images

Responsive designs are the norm with a modern Website, this option allows you to toggle between static and responsive media queries. IMPORTANT: You MUST enable Relative Positions to use Responsive CSS. Learn more about using […]

Dynamic Height

Dynamic height will calculate the size of each view, based on the size of the elements. When you use a [header], [content] and [footer] folder structure – Export Kit will measure in the same way: […]

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