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For the life of me, I am not able to get your export tool to work. It exports the images but I don't see the HTML code. Please help. I have been looking for a solution like this for a long time, and I really want this to work.

THank you,

Asked by toddygear
Added April 18, 2016 5:01 pm

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If you see images, but not the .html files – then your PSD file name is incorrect: //exportkit.com/answers/why-dont-i-see-the-output-files.

my_psd_name.psd = GOOD
myPSDName.psd = GOOD
my psd name.psd = BAD (no space)
MY_psd_name.psd = BAD (use lowercase first letter)
my-psd-name.psd = BAD (no dash)
my_psd_name.PSD = BAD (use lowercase extension)

Ensure you read and follow our guides for HTML conversion:

Naming Rules:

Answer by admin
Answered On April 18, 2016 5:05 pm #
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Asked by toddygear
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