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Hi to the team.

My name is Patricio.

Im desperated with the activation of my exportkit.

Im a registered user, and also I have paid the 9.00$ for 1 month with this details:

Name:Cobadonga fernandez alvarez

Company: Wild Magic

Credit  card number: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-8883

I tried to install the plugin directly in Adobe XD but when I want to export my proyect to HTML5, I see an alert where I can read "error", I click in the error and Im redirected to the export kit page. I do the login process, but I cant get anything.

I tried several times, and I always have to click in the "error" alert and the page of export kit always sais the same "you must be a registered customer to get the premium feature", but Im a registered user and I have paid the suscription of 9$ for this month.

I have desinstalled the pluging in Adobe XD, I have download the plugin for your web site, I open the win zip file and I have installed from the zip, and everything is ok, but when I want to export my proyect from Adobe XD to HTML5, I see the same alert of "error".

I dont know how to do, Im desperated.

Also, I have seen in my dashboard, in "my produts" and nothing is there, any product or key...

Please, try to help me as soon as possible.


Asked by Wild Magic
Added May 6, 2019 11:34 am

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Hi, please provide us with your order number so we can verify your account.

Answer by julie ★★★
Answered On June 4, 2019 1:47 am #
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Asked by Wild Magic
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Last Answered 4 years ago by julie


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