Just export index.html file other are not. Don't know mistake.« Back to Questions List

Sir We purchase Below Packages.

Responsive Pack( 5 Key Include)


* Export Kit – Pro Panel (Add-on)

* Export Kit – HTML5 Output

* Export Kit – CSS Output

* Layer Kit – Pro Panel (Add-on)

* Layer Kit – HTML5 View

Now We Convert Your Sample Demo(File Name : Export Kit\ek128_storm_examples\psd_example_files8_advanced_templates_dynamic_height\ek125_803_psd_to_html5.psd) But it Export only index.html page, other pages are not exports.

Our All Packages is good for Export .html All File Like index,about,contact then why it not given output.

Waiting for your response...........


Added June 30, 2016 2:23 pm

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This is a simple fix. You must enable Page Tags for multiple pages, and Responsive CSS for responsive designs. You can read more about your Export Kit output options here: //exportkit.com/resources/kits/export-kit/export-kit-pro-output-options.

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Answered On June 30, 2016 4:17 pm #
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