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Hi i want to create simple menu with css styles. In Yours tutorials, U only tell about links and css styles separately. I know that i can put this tag to my layer: "${link:index.html} home" and get link but when i write this tag there is no place on layer to write the name, which i can use it to make hover state in "${css|styles}". In private message i became this links: //     and //      but this links tell about css styles without links. Please write me how to do it with both effects in one place.

Added April 2, 2018 6:35 pm

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This is very simple. You can set both ${link} and ${css|style} tags on a single layer, eg.

${css|style:label} ${} my button link

Based on your description, the issue you may face is the max layer name characters. This can easily happen with text layers, the quick solution is to rename your layer to something short such as ”my button link” shown above. This will give you the extra space to write your layer tag properties.

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