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It's my first time using Export kit and I've some problems since I'm not a programer and I can't understand how to export well. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but every time I try to export nothing appears in the template, even though I put the layer names. This is what happens:

I can't see anything from the template and I can't work like this. Can someone explain me how to put the names well?, or what's not functioning. I'm getting crazy with it.

Here are some examples of how I've my psd template organized. I don't know what to do anymore and how this works.


Asked by Sara12
Added July 18, 2017 1:44 pm

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Your errors are very simple, but repeated a few times.

Page Tag

When using ${page} tag you must also provide a layer name.

${page:galeria} galeria strona

You must include the layer name for correct processing. So you will need to add the layer name to each ${page} in your PSD.

Page Nesting

Do not nest pages, you cannot NEST pages – simple. Each page must be its own top-level folder. You cannot have a "page within a page", you may be thinking of an [iframe].

WP Template

Try the WordPress PSD template first and take note of how your pages are named and ordered. (a) a page cannot be within another page, (b) all layers are correctly named.

Answer by admin
Answered On July 18, 2017 2:28 pm #
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Asked by Sara12
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