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I have a design file and I need the output to be in html5. If its angular 1 or 2 compatible it would be more awesome. Speaking just about Html5, how should I approach this file. Like first I have to start renaming according to guidelines. But how do I rename the layers for controls/fields like date picker/text input field?

For responsive, do I have to design individual layout and convert it? But I want it to be fluid responsive and not adaptive.


Asked by msbhogavi
Added April 26, 2016 2:33 pm

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Angular JS

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Read the tutorial first then you can ask detailed questions. We support all Angular features using our Code and Class tags.

Complete Responsive

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Photoshop is an area-based system (x, y, width, height) and does not support “responsive” elements in layers or in the code DOM. The workaround is to create many target screens, and use align + output features to make the site “emulate” responsive.

PSD vs HTML Video: //

Angular = HTML + CSS + JavaScript

CSS Support: //

HTML Support: //

JavaScript Support: //

Forms + Inputs

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Asked by msbhogavi
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