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I read few tutorials on responsiveness, but I’ve no complete understanding on it. So would like to ask it here. I followed the tutorial on your site. So is it responsive for only 3 screens?

If you have observed our design requirement, they’re quite complicated screens and we need them to be responsive irrespective of the screen sizes (1024x768 to 3840 × 2160 to any future resolutions). Does it imply that I have to design layout for each and every resolution that I need to support? Also, there are lots of list controls in our design.

So does the Exportkit support them?

Asked by msbhogavi
Added April 26, 2016 2:26 am

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Responsive screens

You can target any number of screens, you are not limited to 3. We allow you to target specific sizes, but you can also use Align and Overflow to target multiple sizes with one screen. You can target ANY size = same rules for Android, which has MANY screen sizes.

Responsive Screens: //

Align and Overflow: //

Common Responsive sizes: //

Controls for Export Kit

You have unlimited options here also. If you want you can create a Wix/Square template, a PhoneGap project, etc – just to illustrate any custom framework, works! You’re looking for our Class and Code tags, these two layer tags allow you to create anything.

Class Tag: //

Code Tag: //

Related FAQ: //

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Asked by msbhogavi
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