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I've had a perfect 24/7 support with answers after few minutes during problems on installation of lightining storm on my computer, but I have the impression that documentation for xcode and swift poor, if I didn't find it, I know there is no export kit for it, but at leas basic tutorial videos and documentation would be nice, one end to end example, showing creating the xcode project with one single psd with some layers, copying and pasting on right places in xcode. Please let me know if it already exists. tia.

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PSD / AI to iOS +Storyboard +XCode +Swift

The full tutorial is now available: //exportkit.com/learn/how-to/export-your-psd/psd-to-ios-storyboard-ui-with-xcode-and-swift.

NOTE: that iOS is in Alpha phase so please report any bugs.
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Regarding a full Manual:

Unfortunately no we do not have further info beyond our website. We are creating manuals but we are starting with HTML, CSS and WordPress first. We will update our tutorials once our iOS Output is complete.

Using Swift View: //exportkit.com/kits/layer-kit/layer-kit-views/swift-view
Using XCode View: //exportkit.com/kits/layer-kit/layer-kit-views/xcode-view

Regarding iOS road map:

Originally we planned to create full iOS and Visual Studio exports so users could render projects similar to our Android export. But users requested support for InDesign and Illustrator – so we created that first (launching soon). We plan to add both iOS and Visual Studio exports once AI and INDD are complete and active.

UI Library for iOS:

We support UILabel, UITextView, etc with our XCode View.

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