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We do not accept PSD / AI / INDD designs that are unorganized.  If you stack all your layers in your design without folder/groups - then we CANNOT accept that PSD / AI / INDD!

Before you submit your PSD / AI / INDD

We urge your to read our PSD Deisgn Rules, our Layer Naming Rules and our Optimiztion Tips. These are very important for new users and they will explain the basic requirements for an optimial output.

If you do not read these pages, we will end up asking you to read these pages - we can tell by the way you name your layers if you did!

Organize your main layers/folders

Please group your content first, if your content does not have the main groups - then you did not read our guides, or test our PSD templates. You should NOT have 20+ layers without folders! Once your content is correct grouped with a minimum of:

- footer
- content
- header

Then we can optimize your PSD. Read more about Organizing your Layers and Folders.

Organize your inner content

This is VERY common, but also not accpetable. One you create your main 3 folders, they are the minimum required - if you are expecting a Production-Ready output, then your design should have Production-Ready layers/folders with the correct layer names.

Do not send a PSD with the main 3 folders, then 20+ layers inside the content folder, without child/sub folders - we will send this back to you.  You must organize your inner content.

Test first, learn quickly

If you are (a) new user + (b) using a custom PSD that is NOT designed for Export Kit, and you are not testing a “simple” or “quick” export to get a feel for how the plugin works, then you will likley have errors in the output when using advanced options - you are new! If you want to test to see how Export Kit works, use a PSD Template first.

If you are using your custom PSD, that is NOT optimized - then you decided to start on the “Expert” level of Export Kit, no worries. Expect that you will have to spend time re-organizing your layers/folders. Your next project will be much faster because you understand the core concepts.

Read our PSD Deisgn Rules, our Layer Naming Rules and our Optimiztion Tips to get your custom PSD working.
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Creative Cloud Users

Ensure you save a copy of your current design in CS6 format when submitting your work.

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