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This PSD file will demo Photoshop auto-text support in web-based envrionments such as HTML, JavaScript and WordPress. All paragraph text elements are converted to smart HTML tags automatically without additional options.

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Auto-Text Link Support

This PSD shows support for Paragraph Text, with links and emails within the text contents of layers. Auto Text Link will convert your web-links and emails into native HTML elements with anchor links assigned respective of the text content.

Learn more about Paragraph Text.

Web Links

<a href="//www.yourdomain.com">//www.yourdomain.com</a>

Email Links

<a href="mailto:you@yourdomain.com">you@yourdomain.com</a>

Change Your Text Names

Photoshop will use the text contents of layers as the name, this is not always valid – read more.

Testing the PSD

Use Layers views to see the code translation of each layer, or use Exports view to see the output of the document.

Using Layers View

Select any shape element in the PSD, then select your desired view to see the code render of your shape.

Learn more about Using Layers View.

Using Exports View

Export the PSD in your required environment to see how shapes are rendered in your output.

Learn more about Using Exports View.
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Using the Plugin

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