CSS Style Tag

${ css |style :args }
- usage : ${css|style:my_custom_style}

This tag adds custom CSS class styles to your PSD element. You can add any CSS class style, or customized PSD styles included in your ${css|styles} folder.

When using both external and custom CSS classes, ensure the class names follow our Layer Naming Rules.

Custom CSS Styles

All styles in your ${css|styles} folder can be reused an unlimited unmber of times with any PSD layer. Each class will follow the nesting structure of your ${css|styles} layers to fully personalize your output.

You must have a similar layer structure in your design matching your ${css|styles} layers to ensure your output is correct. Export Kit works naturally with HTML5 and CSS3 to follow the design rules of each.

Multiple CSS Classes

- usage : ${css|style:style1 style_2 my_style3}

You can assign multiple CSS classes to your layer by adding a " " (space) between each CSS class name.

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