Object (Media) Tag

${ object |type :args }
- usage : ${object|mp4:/path/to/video.mp4}
- usage : ${object|youtube:YOUTUBE_VIDEO_ID}

Object Tags will allow you to create media elements in the export. All supported object tags will use native HTML5 controls for rendering media. The [args] must be a valid [url].

This tag works with shapes only.
When you draw a shape and add the Object Tag, the media element will use the size and position of the shape layer.

Object Type Support

Object types will render with the default styles used by the device or browser. You will have to tweak the output to get a full customized media element.

  • youtube
  • wav
  • mp4
  • oog-video
  • oog-audio
  • webm
  • swf
  • wmv
Example: ${object|wav://localhost/path/to/music.wav}
Example: ${object|mp4:/path/to/video.mp4}
Example: ${object|swf://localhost/flash.swf}
Download the Layer Tags PSD Templates to test [Layer Tags] with your output.
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