Link Tag

${ link :args }
- usage : ${link://google.com}

This tag will create a [web] link element, respective to the environment, to open a new browser page or tab – using the [web address] in the [args].

This tag is individually processed by each environment to open a [web] link only. The [args] must be a valid [url], [anchor] or [web script].

This tag works with Layers only (Text, Shapes, Images), to create a link on a Folder you must use our Class Tag.

Web Links (Absolute)

- usage : ${link://google.com}

This will create a web link to “//google.com”.

Web Links (Relative)

- usage : ${link:/path/to/server}

This will create a web link to “/path/to/server”.

Web Anchors

- usage : ${link:#element_name}

This will create a web anchor to the HTML element with the name “element_name”.

IMPORTANT: Your layer names will convert to lowercase and remove non utf-8 characters, read Layer Naming Rules for more details.

Using Link with Android

Connect Activities and allow the end-user to navigate your Android app via native Intents. Links are created in your Java Activity file and will simulate a “click” to navigate the user.

- page : ${page:user_home}
- link : ${link:user_home}

You do not need to add extensions to links, just use the page/activity name and Export Kit will reference the Activity.

Download the Layer Tags PSD Templates to test [Layer Tags] with your output.
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