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Can i create javascript interactivity or animation with export kit directly through photoshop. For example i have to hide one circle by clicking it but through javascript. Can I do this directly through PSD?

PleaseĀ help.

Added November 30, 2017 1:34 pm

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Yes this is actually very easy to do and you have a few options for doing it as well. Note that this can also be done via CSS but we will explain JavaScript as per your question.

Scripting Examples

We have a few tutorial that will show you how to include JS and also how to use it with your layer elements. Both our JavasScript Slideshow and Lightbox tutorials manage button actions to show/hide elements so they can both help with your request.

> JavaScript Slideshow
> CSS/JavaScript Lightbox Popup

Including Scripts in your Exports

You have 3 options for including CSS / JavaScript or PHP in your HTML exports. The fastest way is to include it via Code Tag, this will keep the script within your PSD and include it in-page with your export. If you have an external file then you have 2 other options, (a) you can link external files in your Custom HEAD before you export; or (b) you can create a custom plugin – virtual script – to simply enable your animation or any other custom file as an option in Export Kit.

> Code Tag
> External Files with HTML
> Create custom JavaScript plugins for Exports

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