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Dear Export Kit Support,

I have tried to input my trial key, but then nothing happened. Photoshop froze and seemed unable to continue. After reopening photoshop and verifying that indeed the trial did not work, i tried the key again. This time the key is invalid.

I tried this using the 64bit version of Photoshop CS6 using Windows 7. Is the Export Kit only supported on the 32bit version of CS6? Or do I need to upgrade my Windows to Windows 8?

Could you maybe help me in obtaining a working trial key?

Kind regards

Asked by GambitRS
Added May 8, 2015 1:26 am

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We can re-enable your free trial for you, no worries there.

Photoshop Freezing

There is a known bug for Adobe Air (our v127 version) and MAC, where some windows will cause Photoshop to crash (eg. if you press “Activate Key”). You will need to download our MAC version to resolve this.

CS6 – v127 MAC: //

CS6/CC2014 – v128 (WIN + MAC): //

Lightning Storm

If you are using Lightning Storm (v128), then your key(s) will auto-enable.  

If you are using Export Kit Suite (v127) then let us know and we will ask Tech to re-enable your free trial key.

Answer by admin
Answered On May 8, 2015 2:10 am #
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Asked by GambitRS
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