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Can the export kit use Bootstrap approach where all the css styles are defined in %(percentage) rather than in px(pixel).

The problem here is that we do not know what would be the maximum size of the screen where it would be projected, like it can be a desktop or a huge display device, since its unknown how can we design in such a way that it would fit in to all the resolutions? . So could you please suggest how do we go about?

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Yes, but Advanced

Yes this is possible, but this is advanced usage because Photoshop is an area-based system (x, y, width, height) and does not support “percent-based” measurements in layers or in the code DOM:

Using Auto-height


Divs without absolute positions:


Fast way is to use class tag (but read how it works first):


You can also use Bootstrap directly: //

Responsive Screens

For responsive you will have to design each screen, to be safe create a few more screens if you want:

${css|screen:default} tv 2160 res
${css|screen:1920} desktop res
${css|screen:1400} laptop res
${css|screen:1080} monitor res
${css|screen:720} tablet res

Responsive Tutorial

You do not need to know the max. The screen size you define is the *minimum* size to trigger the layout. Eg. If you only define a screen of 800, then that is the output for all screens 800px or higher.


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