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I just purchase webmaster package, and I open my adobe photoshop cc 2015, already go to windows - extensions - exporkit lightning strom

Export Kit - Lightning Strom

Connected to exportkit.com...

[OK] Connected to StromCloud via ( 115.178.xxx.xxx )

[OK] Connecting to API...

[OK] LightingAPI v 16.0628.13

[OK] MumboJumbo HASH(ybo2C15ht)

[OK] Into the lightning Strom...

[ERROR] Session did not start, trying again...

after that .....I close my Adobe photoshop cc 2015 and I open my adobe photoshop cc 2015, go to windows - extensions - exporkit lightning strom

420 IP Address Suspended

Common Reasons:

1. You made too many 404 requests.

2. You are not using Lightning Storm.

3. You are not human.

Please contact us: //exportkit.com/contact to re-enable your IP Address.

after that I go to //exportkit.com/contact

I fill name and email and the subject 420 messages

notice : If Tech finds that your suspension was accidental, they will re-enable your IP Address. Otherwise, you must be a Customer to re-enable.


I understand 420 is not a mistake and the server caught me doing something that I should not. I agree to comply with the Abuse Policy and use the plugin normally. Please re-enable my IP Address.

IP Address: 115.178.xxx.xxx

after that I login in website exportkit as member

Dashboard - Activation

You do not have any registered keys.

Build your package ????

I just purchase webmaster and Im not yet using, why ???

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Added July 13, 2016 10:01 pm

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You can request your IP to be re-enabled at anytime using our contact form: //exportkit.com/contact – ensure you do not dock the plugin with other panels as this is known to cause a 420.

If you see a Session Restart message, this is normal and will happen if PSD/AI/INDD is loading and not enough resources are available for Export Kit, but this will simply restart the plugin and you’re ok!

We check, and your IP was re-enabled so you should not have an issue.

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Answered On July 14, 2016 1:30 am #
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