Validate Names

In a perfect world, all layer names are valid – in reality, most are not. There are many situations in XD, PSD, AI and INDD where your layer names will cause output errors after the export if not correctly named.

Many environments have very specific syntax structure, and only allow specific characters and ASCII ranges in names.

EXAMPLE: HTML and CSS allow layers names with (-) hyphen such as my-layer-name.  Hyphens are not allowed in Android layer names.
Learn more about our Layer Naming Rules.

Export Kit Pro Layer Options


If enabled, removes all characters which are not required by the output environment. Note that in most code environments and servers, many character ranges are not accepted – these characters are replaced with (_) underscore.

EXAMPLE: my Sup3r L@yer converts to my_sup3r_l_yer.
IMPORTANT: When naming layers, most environment require the FIRST letter of a layer to be an ALPHA (a - z and A - Z) character.  
2nd layer = INVALID
layer 2 = CORRECT
my2nd layer = CORRECT


Depending on your environment Output, you may have unexpected results in your render. Compile environments such as Android deal with element names differently than render environments such as HTML5.

There are situations where you may want the exact name used in your PSD, AI, or INDD file – disable this feature to get the exact name.

WARNING: You must know what you are doing if you disable this feature!
To be safe, always use protection – validate your layer names!
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