Export Kit Pro Layer Options


Export Kit layer options provide extended functionality to the Export Process during exports.

Enable CSS Fonts

CSS Fonts provide typeface information such as Font Name and Font Style where available. CSS Fonts are included with many common web-browsers and will work by default. Layer Kit Pro Options Export Kit Pro Layer […]

Safe Text

Disable for Illustrator. This feature is designed for Photoshop, and is not required for Illustrator exports. All browsers and devices render fonts, sizes and effects differently! Safe Text is designed to give you a pixel-perfect […]

Enable Layer Effects

Layer Effects are the backbone of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. It is almost impossible to create a modern design without using effects, so Export Kit makes it easy to include them in your design. Layer […]

Validate Names

In a perfect world, all layer names are valid – in reality, most are not. There are many situations in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign where your layer names will cause output errors after the export […]

Include Hidden Layers

By default, Export Kit will not output layers that are hidden in most environments. This comes in handy when you need a layer for reference, but you do not want to include it in the […]

Allow Layer Tags

Layer Tags allow your document to process advanced features and options such as custom elements, multiple pages and responsive designs. Layer Tags depend on the naming convention of layers in the document. Learn more about […]

Relative Positions

Use Relative Positions to toggle between fast and simple previews, or fully complex production-ready exports. Export Kit offers many rendering options to fit your project requirements. IMPORTANT: Relative Positions will allow you to process Folder/Group […]

SVG Paths

Many modern browsers and devices support Vector graphics, with SVG as the most common. SVG and Vectors are used to render complex graphics which do not lose quality when scaled, this means that you can […]

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