Using Layers Panel Pro

Layer Kit Pro will allow you to further enhance your abilities with PSD, AI and INDD layers, giving the option to export layers as images, customize the code view, and open any active layer in a new document – great for fast custom templates.

Learn more about using Layers Panel before using the Pro features.

Export Layer Images

Select any layer or folder in your PSD, AI or INDD document you wish to export, then select the desired image output type. The current supported image output types are:

  • PNG
  • JPG
  • GIF

Once exported, go to the Export Folder to view your image exports.

Learn more about how to Generate PSD to PNG, JPG and GIF Images using different Export Kit Panels.

Layer Kit Pro Options

You can customize how your layer is converted into code on-the-fly. Different projects will have different requirements, you can quickly create a custom code view by selecting any Layer Kit Pro Option.

Client A: CSS3 effects
Client B: SVG Paths with filters
Client C: Inline HTML with IE6 support
NOTE: Some views do not support all custom options, and some options work differently with each view - your must TEST to find the perfect render for your current project.
Learn more about Layer Kit Pro Options.

Layer To New Document

You can open any PSD, AI or INDD layer/folder as a new file for editing outside of the current active document. This is great for taking a modular approach to designs, or creating sub-templates for your current project.

IMPORTANT: This feature does not save a new document, it will only create one based on your layer.  You must save your work as required.

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02. Using The Plugin

03. Layer Support

04. Basic Exports

05. Layer Tags

06. Optimization Tips

07. Complete Exports

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