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This PSD file will demo a One-Pager WordPress Theme with custom Admin options. This PSD uses CSS media queries for 2 target screens with along with responsive assets generated from a single file. The nature of WordPress allows for advanced features such as dynamic content. Your design can utilize any native WordPress function, along with all features found in our PSD to HTML conversion.

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Responsive Screens

This example use 2 target screens to create a responsive design to match a desktop and tablet layout. The layout of the webpage will auto-layout to match the given CSS media query. Each media query is generate from the PSD design using Responsive Screen Tags.

  • 600px (tablet)
  • 1200px (desktop)
Learn more about Creating Responsive Screens.

WordPress Themes

Any WordPress developer can tell you the average time it takes to code a custom PSD to WordPress Theme. This process can take anywhere from a week for a simple theme, or up to several months for a complex WP theme with custom styles, options, and theme pages. Export Kit does all this and more, in a couple of minutes.

Learn more about Creating WordPress Themes.

Navigation Menus

Nav Menus are a group of anchor links used to direct users to both internal and external pages. Nav Menus are involved in all common designs for both websites and applications.

Web Forms

Export Kit allows you to fully customize your web forms and data to create data-driven websites in a matter of minutes, without coding.

Learn more about Building Web Forms.

Images, Shapes and Text

This sample uses various layer types including folders, images, shapes, text, smart objects and more to create a practical PSD design for a res

Learn more about Layer Support.

Effects and Styles

This sample uses various layer effects and styles to achieve the optimal layout. Effects are used in most common project designs and are easily managed with Export Kit.

You must Enable Layer Effects to use this feature.

Layout and Overflow

With Export Kit you can align your page output and hide the content overflow to create both Flush and Fluid layouts.

Learn more about using Align Output and Hide Overflow with your export.

Testing the PSD

Use Exports View to render the WordPress theme, then upload to your server and test. You will need to activate each theme with a fresh install.

Using Exports View

Export the PSD in your required environment to see how shapes are rendered in your output.

Learn more about Using Exports View.
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02. Using The Plugin

03. Layer Support

04. Basic Exports

05. Layer Tags

06. Optimization Tips

07. Complete Exports

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