Image Kit Basics


Export Folders

All exports using the Export Kit plugin will output to the ftml-www folder RELATIVE to your PSD, AI or INDD file. You can quickly access your export in the same folder as your design. ftml-www […]

Using Images Panel

Image Kit will allow for quick export of all Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign layers as various image types. To select Image Kit, click Images in the top navigation menu of the Export Kit. IMPORTANT: Image […]

Using Images Panel Pro

Image Kit Pro will extend your design work-flow by allowing you to quickly and easily export your document as a snap shot, watermark or smart resize. Learn more about using Images Panel before using the […]

Export Process

The Export Process, although different for each Environment, is similar in its architecture. There are two main process methods which occur depending on if you are exporting a Photoshop document or layer. Layer Process This […]

Using the Plugin

How To Guides

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Our Creative Team will export your project live and answer any questions you may have - we guarantee your first conversion will 100% work - we work with you to ensure this, Contact Us or check the Community FAQs for assistance.

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