Organize your Illustrator Layers

DO NOT create 10+ PageItems (vectors, images, text, etc.) on a single Layer Folder – this will export as-is and produce a container with 10+ elements in the output. This is acceptable for testing, but […]

Add Input Elements to Forms

All web forms require Input elements to process data on the server. You can add unlimited input items to your webform using our Input Tag with Text layers. The contents of the text layer will […]

Working with CSS Styles Folder

Your ${css|styles} folder will contain all the custom CSS class styles to reuse in your design. All elements added to this folder will render as a CSS class in the output using the element name, […]

Customize Rollover / Hover States

You can control the children element of item with our CSS class nesting. Because your elements for label and bg are within the item folder, these styles will now target directly child elements; eg. item>>label. […]

Auto-generate Photoshop Designs

Provided your SIM file correctly references the layers you tagged in your PSD, Export Kit will generate images based on your SIM file and PSD. Smart Images will optimize your design flow with full JSON […]

Target Multiple Android Devices

Android supports an unlimited number of devices along with custom devices which load the Android platform, eg. Touch Screen Kiosks. Images will auto-resize to the correct layout and drawable size, respective of your CSS Screen […]

Use Clear Layer Names

Your layer names will be reflective in your Output. Because Export Kit will render WYSIWYG, you will need clear layer names to further customize your HTML or CSS after the export. The export process will […]

WordPress Conditions inside Photoshop

WordPress offers additional display options for loop items depending on the post/page data. These conditions allow you to display individual page views based on each condition, otherwise the page will use the default loop. This […]

WordPress Loop inside Photoshop

The loop on a single post/page will typically be a Default Loop. WordPress will render the content on a single post/page using the formatting settings of the post. Because this content can change in height, […]

Custom WordPress Admin with PSD

Export Kit works hand-in-hand with the WordPress admin area. You can customize any layer in your PSD design and then edit the property in the WordPress admin, wihtout re-exporting the PSD. This makes it great […]

Create WordPress Client Admin

Export Kit will output you admin options based on your PSD setup. Export Kit will first look for the current WordPress page and create an admin tab for each page containing options. Then options are […]

Create WordPress Frameworks

Export Kit will create a custom Admin area based on your PSD design. The Export Kit admin will have the global theme settings, along with custom WordPress options (a tab per page) assigned in the […]

Hack Bootstrap from Photoshop

Several components in Bootstrap will render their styles for both text and shapes based on a single CSS class name, eg. .btn. These elements will accept both Text and Shape layer styles when creating custom […]

Wireframes with Bootstrap and PSD

Because you are using CSS Styles with your PSD, you can add a custom Bootstrap layout to show-off your Child Theme using simple wireframes in your PSD design. Export Kit will render the wireframe design […]

Pixel Perfect Adobe to Android Studio

Export Kit will translate your PSD layers to Android XML elements with relative positioning to its respective parent element. Because you can target PSD to Android layout screens, your designs will render WYSIWYG (What you […]

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