Target Multiple Devices in XD to Android Devices

Target unlimited XD to Android devices from a single XD file with our CSS Screen Tags. Each target screen will generate an individual layout and drawable folder for the screen assets, but only one Java Activity is required per Android layout.

Watch the video and learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5–Mg4V1CpQ

You should have an idea of the screens you are targeting and their DPI settings before you create your XD design for multiple Android screens. Each device you target should have a CSS Screen reflective of the device size.

Screen SizeDesign Size
${css|screen:1440}383 px
${css|screen:1280}1280 px
${css|screen:960}1023 px
${css|screen:840-land}853 px
${css|screen:840}899 px
${css|screen:720}800 px
${css|screen:600}593 px
${css|screen:480}533 px
${css|screen:400-land}800 px
${css|screen:400}595 px
${css|screen:360-land}592 px
${css|screen:360}385 px
${css|screen:320-land}592 px
${css|screen:320}320 px
NOTE: Images will auto-resize to the correct layout and drawable size.
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