Important Export Kit Changes as of v127

As of v127 we will be making important changes to Export Kit and our pricing model. We strive to remain competitive with other 3rd party plugins, but with Adobe entering the CSS plugin game (HTML5 possibly soon) – we must strive harder!

1. One Time Payments

To compete in this harsh new world, we are converting our products to a one-time-payment system. All Customer keys will no longer expire, and you never have to pay for upgrades.

2. Free Usage Mode

Export Kik now offers a Free Mode for v127+ users, beyond the 48 hour and Extended Free Trials. The Free Mode gives users basic usage of Export Kit with Layers Views and Web Exports only. The Free Mode has limited options, but will allow for a basic webpage export, and layer info.

The Free Mode will have no access to Layer Tags or Layer Effects.

The Free Mode is just that – Free. Its a means to do basic things with Export Kit. Once you purchase your key(s) – you will enable the full functionality of Export Kit related to the key(s) you purchased.

3. License Agreement

We will amend our License Agreement to reflect these changes and also notify all customers via email.

4. Product Pricing

We will be making changes to our product pricing to remain competitive. We plan to have many more promotions after our v127 launch.

Be sure to read our Price-Match Policy to take advantage of our price matching.

Need Help?

Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our v127 changes.

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02. Using The Plugin

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