Lightning Storm – Beta v128

Lightning Storm BETA, Official Page: //exportkit.com/lightning-storm-cc As of v128 we will be making important changes to Export Kit and our pricing model. We will continue to offer v127 for CS6 users with the option of […]

The Adobe CC 2015 Crisis

Once again Adobe has made several major changes that affect all 3rd party developers. As of May 2015 Adobe has officially reported an Extension Manager End of Life Notification, and will no longer support 3rd […]

Server Maintenance March 2016

We will be performing Server Maintenance on March 31, 2016 @ 12 – 6 EST. During this time the API will not be available and will re-enable once the updates are complete. Thursday March 31 […]

Network Upgrade April 2016

We will be performing a Network Upgrade on April 3 @ 10 – 1pm EST. During this time the API may not be available for a short period while our IP Addresses refresh. All services […]

Bluehost Blowup 2016

Recently we had an outage of our webserver on Aug 23, 2016. This was another mistake made by Bluehost and our server was reverted to the last backup. Tech is working quickly to update the […]

New Storm Servers

Our Network update is complete with both our .com and api internally hosted on a new machine. We have upgrade our servers and network to provide you with better service and additional power with Export […]

Adobe Exchange CC2018

We have submitted Lightning Storm CC to Adobe Exchange and hope to be approved soon. We now realize there are many rules with Adobe Exchange that may conflict with our current webiste. We apologize for […]

Adobe End Of Life 2019

NOTE: On March April 25, 2019 Export Kit will EOL Lightning Storm for all Adobe products. Only customers will have access to Lightning Storm after the EOL. March 21, 2019: Adobe has recently released a […]

New Throttle Rules

NOTE: This change DOES NOT affect Customers prior to July 14, 2019. IMPORTANT: New Throttle Rules are active as of September 1, 2019. In efforts to remain more competitive we have made changes to our […]

PayPal Rebate (Aug 1)

40% PayPal Rebate To celebrate our Top Seller status with PayPal, we are offering a 40% rebate on all Annual Subscription purchases made via PayPal. This is a limited time offer and expires Aug 1, […]

COVID-19: #RemoteWork for Safety

In recent weeks there have been an increase in the level of concern regarding the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). We want to encourage safeguarding the health and well-being of our customers, users and their families. […]

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