Beginner Guide


With Export Kit you can use any PSD design to generate your HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Android UI or WordPress project. There are a few rules to follow when creating your design – and changes required if you are using Free PSD Templates you find online.

Free PSD Templates

Be aware that many Free PSD Templates found online are DESIGNS ONLY, and are not structured or organized for web exports.

Read more about getting the output to look 100% like the PSD.

Working with Illustrator

If you convert your .AI document to a .PSD using a script, it is likely that your document will have a lot of layers named Clip, Group or Path.

Learn how to convert illustrator objects in your PSD to ensure you document renders as expected.

Layer Effects

Layer Effects will enhance your Output with additional rendering features in your output. You can add layer effects to any Photoshop layer element and Export Kit will render the effect directly in your output environment.

Read more about Layer Effects.

Layer Tags

Layer Tags offer additional support with your Output to make your design responsive, multi-page and dynamic in size. Layer Tags are custom names you can apply to layers in your PSD.

Read more about Layer Tags.

Using the Export Kit plugin

Export Kit is an advanced plugin for Adobe Creative Cloud. We recommend you read our tutorials on Using Export Kit Suite to learn how Export Kit works and how to use it with your projects.

Read more about Using Export Kit Suite.

Beginner How-To Videos

Considering you are new to Export Kit, watch our YouTube web series to learn what to do “Before You Export Your PSD”.

YouTube Web Series

Before You Export Your PSD (8 Videos)

Step-By-Step Tutorial Videos

Learn all you need to know before converting your PSD output. These videos will teach you about the standard support that comes with Export Kit and how layers, effects and folders are handled.

Watch more Video Tutorials.

02. Using The Plugin

03. Layer Support

04. Basic Exports

05. Layer Tags

06. Optimization Tips

07. Complete Exports

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