The Adobe CC 2015 Crisis

Once again Adobe has made several major changes that affect all 3rd party developers. As of May 2015 Adobe has officially reported an Extension Manager End of Life Notification, and will no longer support 3rd party plugin installations (eg. Export Kit) – read the full article here.

In 2 weeks we had over 200 reported installer errors due to the Extension Manager CC update - fix your copy.

Adobe has “tweaked” its business platform forcing 3rd party developers to use the Adobe Exchange. We will look into providing a plugin for the Adobe Exchange but currently you must download via our website.

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Manually Install/Update CC2015 Plugins

We have found a way to by-pass this error with Export Kit installs, and your other Adobe plugins. You can install any plugin in the developer debug directory – read the full tutorial here.

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We are offering a special 50% Off coupon to everyone (applied to your order @ checkout) – thats it, no fine print!.

Product Pricing

We will be making changes to our product pricing to remain competitive in this new world of Adobe mass suicides. We plan to have many more promotions and discounts along with plugin upgrades.

Be sure to read our Price-Match Policy to take advantage of our price matching - we price match anyone!

Thank You Everyone

Thank you for your loyal patronage. We hope you will take advantage of the exclusive offer. Contact Us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our new changes.

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06. Optimization Tips

07. Complete Exports

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