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Hi there, I'm having trouble loading the extension after its installed. It appears in the extensions panel, but it doesn't load on Windows 10, Adobe Illustrator 2017 21.1.0?

There's no white screen, just the grey container box. For instance, I go to 'extensions' -> plugin but when tapped it just shows the grey container box. If I reinstall, same thing occurs. If I unzip in plugin folder, same thing occurs. It's like it's not loading the program.

I should add I also have VM Workstation running latest Mac and it doesn't work Illustrator (latest) there either.... process of elimination suggests problem with latest AI.

I've correctly installed to the correct path, kept the box open now for quite a bit of time and I'm running a beastly 32GB RAM HP G3 - not sure why it's taking so long. Even the time stamps for the installed extension are identical.

The only other plugin I have installed is Adobe Preview, which works perfectly.

See attached. Any help?



Added May 16, 2017 5:05 pm

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We did some digging and it seems your problem really is wide-spread. When you goolge Win 10 no text in solved there are many results. It seems the Creators Update has caused display driver errors.

Unfortunately this is outside of the scope of our plugin, take a look at the results and should find a few solutions that work. You can also modify your search and change ”solved” to ”fixed” to see other results.

Answer by admin
Answered On May 17, 2017 6:13 pm #

EDIT: have updated NVIDIA QUADRO M2000M to latest version and it does not work.

I have a Intel HD P530 installed too but it shouldn’t matter unless the applications are getting confused about which ones to use.

Answer by josh-london
Answered On May 17, 2017 5:48 pm #

For reference, I do have a brand new G3 Workstation by HP running latest Windows 10 – and I’ve had no graphics performance issues as the graphics card is a NVIDIA Quadro M2000M.

However, I’ll update the driver and report back!

Answer by josh-london
Answered On May 17, 2017 5:35 pm #


This is now a wide-spread issue ? – the Auto-Install is a .zip extractor and is completely different from the plugin. Its concerning that you have two independent applications not displaying correctly.

This almost seems more like a Graphics/Display issue. Have you updated your drivers recently? Do you notice this issue with other applications?

Answer by admin
Answered On May 17, 2017 5:22 pm #

I suppose I shouldn’t get this when installing?:

I also get this in the install success









00000       00000000000000000000000000       00000

000000000        0000000000000000        000000000

00000000000000        000000        00000000000000

0000000000000000000            0000000000000000000

00000000000000000000000   000000000000000000000000

000000000000000000000000  000000000000000000000000

00000000    000000000000  000000000000000000000000

00000000       000000000  000000000000000000000000

00000000  00000000000000  00000000000  00000000000

00000000  00000000000000  00000000000  00  0000000

00000000    000000000000  0000000000       0000000

00000000      0000000000  0000000       0000000000

00000000  00000000000000  00000000 00  00000000000

00000000  00000000000000  00000000000  00000000000

00000000   0000000000000  000000000000000000000000

00000000      0000000000  000000000000000000000000

0000000000000 0000000000  000000000000000000000000

000000000000000000000000  000000000000000000000000

000000000000000000000  000000000000000000000

0000000000000000  0000000000000000

00000000000  00000000000

0000000  000000

00  00



Your installation was successful!  You can now restart

and enable the plugin in:


– Photoshop


– Illustrator


– InDesign


Happy exporting!


Export Kit Team


twitter: @ExportKit

youtube: ExportKit


Answer by josh-london
Answered On May 17, 2017 5:11 pm #


This is an odd situation and the first report of it – so Tech is working hard to find a solution. Can you try to install the plugin using the Win Auto-Install: //

Download the source files and use LightningStorm_CC2015_CC2017_Win.exe.

Answer by admin
Answered On May 17, 2017 4:50 pm #

Hi again

I’m afraid there is no white screen – otherwise I’d be inclined to agree with you that this is a loading issue.

To me, it seems as if Illustrator is not loading the code at all. It’s like the container is being prompted to open but the subsequent code is not being read (which is when a white screen, I suspect, would appear).



Answer by josh-london
Answered On May 17, 2017 11:24 am #


Tech ran a few test and so far could not replicate your issue. They are planning an additional test of a fresh Win 10 install with a fresh Creative Cloud install for AI.

They have confirmed other users were able to login via Win 10 with AI v21.1, so this may be isolated – but we will find a solution shortly.

We have to ask a few additional questions just to ensure the following:

  1. The machine you are using Illustrator with is connected to the internet
  2. Do you see a whitescreen similar to the image below at any point:

If you DO NOT see a whitescreen at all, let us know – a normal plugin load will flash a whitescreen for a split second.

Answer by admin
Answered On May 16, 2017 11:32 pm #


Tech is aware of your issue and are looking into a solution for you. We will update you shortly with a response from Tech.

Answer by admin
Answered On May 16, 2017 9:49 pm #
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