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Enable the Plugin

Assuming you have installed the plugin in the CEP directory. Open Illustrator, then click [Window > Extensions > Export Kit - Lightning Storm]. You can then login normally.

Know Your Illustrator Elements

Layers/Folders in AI have a dark gray background
PageItems/GroupItems have a light gray background

You must use actual Layer Folders in your design for an optimal output.

Layers *are* Folders

In Illustrator a Layer is treated as a folder is within our Photoshop version. We strongly recommend you use many Layers with your design to ensure an optimal export.

Optimize your Layer Folders

DO NOT create 10+ PageItems (vectors, images, text, etc.) on a single Layer Folder - this will export as-is and produce a container with 10+ elements in the output. This is acceptable for testing, but we strongly recommend you have multiple Layers for organization and production exports.

PageItems before Child Layers

If you have a Layer with multiple PageItems and Child Layers, your PageItems will render first in the output regardless of the Layer nesting. We recommend you organize your PageItems in respective Layers.

${skip} all Issues

Illustrator is currently in Alpha so we recommend you use ${skip} tag with problematic layers. This will ensure your Output works first, then you can debug the issue.

NOTE: we do not support all layer types and styles in Illustrator - its still in Alpha

Clear all Guides

We have not added all modules for AI Layers, clear your guides using Guide Kit before you export.

Exit on PARM Error

The PARM error is a known bug since CS2 - read more. Close and reopen Illustrator when you get this, it happens at random and without cause!

Added October 15, 2015 5:48 am

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Wrap Single Images in a Folder

When you have a single image, its best to wrap it in a folder container with the same name as the image.

Disable Safe Text

We have an option for Safe Text, DISABLE THIS OPTION. This is designed for Photoshop due to how text elements are rendered. Illustrator does not require this as it already adds a buffer to text items.

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Please Report all AI bugs

Illustrator is a new release for us, please report all bugs — or — unexpected behavior and we will investigate immediately: //

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